Educators Gathering - Thurs 8th Sept 2022

Education gathering

We are really excited to be able to meet in person for the first time since 2019. Much has changed for education since the pandemic and this will be a chance for us to share our experiences, our advances and challenges, and our hopes for permaculture education.


The programme is being designed with educator's so that it addresses current debates, most pressing needs and new ideas and initiaitves around permaculture education. Permaculture Association Britain will share some new ideas for our strategic approach to education and Andy Goldring, CEO will give an update on the three year business plan.

To allow people to travel to Oxford on the day, the event will formally begin at 1.30pm with some informal sessions from around 11am for those who are able to arrive earlier. The formal sessions will finish at 7pm for dinner with some social time organised for the evening for those attending in person. 

Would you like to run a session on the day around a new course theme, innovation in teaching or tailoring courses to a particular audience? Do you have learning to share on your experience of teaching which you feel will help others or want to explore a challenge? If so, please get in touch with Paula at [email protected] to explore this option. 


The event will be at Hill End Activity Centre, Oxford. We will also offer attendance online so that as many people can join as possible. This day is open to anyone with an interest in permaculture education - from those new to permaculture through to experienced educators - all are welcome, including those working in schools or any educational body.

Ticket types and discounts

We will be offering tickets online and in person and these need to be bought separately from tickets to the convergence. There are discounts for education members but you do not need to be an educator member to attend the day - just an interest in education work. There are four types of tickets on offer:

Educator Member in person with food & accommodation* - £32
Non-educator Member in person with food & accommodation* - £42
Educator Member Online - £15
Non-educator member online - £20

* in person tickets include three meals (dinner Thursday, breakfast and lunch Friday) and either camping or shared dorm accommodation for Thursday and shower block.



We look forward to seeing you in person! Any questions, here is a link to our FAQ page and if you can't find the information you need, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

Become an education member

If you are not yet an education member, you join our community and get access to discounts to the gathering as well as our free members events here.

Previous Annual Permaculture Education Events: 22 to 25 April 2021

Recordings from these events remain online for you to replay


There has never been a more important time for permaculture education. Systems are stretched, communities separated and children on the back foot in education.

Much has changed this past year. These events will build and strengthen our social connections while we focus on what’s important to educators and learners, demonstration projects and communities. Blended learning tools and technologies, equity, power, and mental health resilience will be strong themes throughout. And if you can’t attend throughout, all the sessions will remain available to view later at your leisure!

These are English speaking events, but it is for all interested in permaculture education internationally. The topics covered at this event will relate to all forms of education and change-making. 

Some Key Sessions: 

  • Blended learning (combining the best of online + in-person learning)

  • Transformative learning for inner and outer change, including learning pathways for educators and learners

  • Equity in Education | What does it mean during COVID times? With Luiza Oliveira

  • Gender, Power and the Margins in Permaculture with Suzie Cahn 

  • How might permaculture teachers best contribute to responses to the climate and ecological emergency? with Davie Phillip 

  • Accessibility in Permaculture Education  Tammi Dalleston and Sarah  Spencer 

  • Mental Health First Aid for teachers and events with psychologist Sarah Mcinnis 

Through attending these events you can be part of the picture-building 'education report' produced by the Permaculture Association Britain, to produce a sense of where permaculture education is now. 

There will be a strong continuous professional development (CPD) focus throughout which will incorporate transformative and blended learning competencies. 

Programme details can be found at the bottom of this page

BLAST - Blended Adult Learning for the Socio-Economic Transformation - Thursday 22nd April 2021

BLAST is a project run by the transnational Transformative Education Community of Practice formed by members of ECOLISE and other partners. The project is funded by the Erasmus+ strategic partnerships programme and started in October 2019. It focuses on the enhancement of transformative learning across Europe. The Permaculture Association Britain and IPEN are key partners.  

This multiplier event is an introduction to the blended and transformative learning competencies from the BLAST project - a useful tool kit for anyone dedicated to social & ecological transition.

You will get an introduction to blended learning (combining online+in-person methods) and transformative learning. It will cover the many competencies and tools for educators dedicated to social & ecological transition to deliver blended transformative learning well.

There will be plenty of interaction, breakout sessions, tips on different online tools and good practice for online teaching, as well as presenting key outputs from the EU funded BLAST project, which are useful to all educators, facilitators and change makers - especially now after this challenging year. 

The day will also gather information to help design a Training for Trainers on these themes that will be piloted later this year.

We will go through some of the key outputs from this project, which are useful to all educators, facilitators and change makers - especially now after this challenging year. 

BLAST outputs include a competency guide and clear guidance and progression for transformative educators teaching in blended settings. 

Permaculture education is transformative education. Join us and find out what you can gain from this project. 

Book HERE to sign-up for the BLAST Multiplier Event. All tickets are £10.

Programme details can be found at the bottom of this page

Annual Educators Gathering Online - Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th April 2021

Is this event for me? The education gathering is for anyone interested in: 

  • Improving all forms of permaculture education

  • Teaching anything online in a competent way 

  • Why permaculture IS transformative education

  • Blended learning 

  • Supporting children with permaculture

  • The role of permaculture for climate change 

  • Power, privilege and the margins 

  • Connecting and collaborating with fellow change makers!  

You don't need to be a teacher to attend. 

Learn about the outputs from European permaculture projects and get an overview of the international education community.

With plenty of time to connect, network and share your news - you will also get access to all recorded sessions to limit virtual overload.

Let's celebrate what we have achieved in this past year, share what we have learnt and look forwards with hope. 

Registration for the event is costed on a sliding scale between £15 and £35, dependent on what you can afford and how much you feel to pay. You need to book this event separately to BLAST. Please do so HERE.

Events Programme

Educators Gathering Weekend Programme: Thursday 22nd- Sunday 25th 

Graphic showing the full event programme for educators gathering

More information about sessions:


3:30-5 Friday

Equity in Permaculture Education: Changing the core curriculum | With Wal Warmington and Jemma Findley

In this interactive session Wal Warmington and Jemma Findley will discuss the issue of racial equity in permaculture and some of the issues at play - like marketing, insensitive language and exclusive learning environments. We will cover some methods for achieving better representation of black and other marginalised / racialised groups on our courses, at our events and in our network. 

Together we will explore and co design small changes for the greatest possible effect, focusing on the Permaculture Association Britain's Permaculture Design Certificate : Core curriculum.

We will provide a list of resources for further learning, and review some practical actions that you can explore after the session, including how to carry on this work.. 


9:30-10:45 Sunday 

Accessibility and inclusivity in permaculture education With Sarah Spencer and Sam Woods 

In this interactive session we will step into the shoes of course and group participants, seeing accessibility and inclusivity through fresh eyes.  

We will then explore how a step-by-step design process, using permaculture and other principles inspired by nature, can ensure courses, workshops and activities are welcoming to all.

Facilitated by Sarah Spencer and Sam Woods using techniques and ideas from their work as Permaculture and Think like a Tree facilitators and


9:30- 10:45 Sunday 

Equity in Education | What does it mean during COVID times? | With Luiza Oliveria

Social justice, a topic that can no longer be avoided, and too often is considered to be too complex to be discussed. In this session, Luiza will offer inspirations and exercises so each participant can become more at ease and empowered to welcome fruitful discussions around these challenging topics.  


1:45-3:15 Sunday 

Transformative Education and Intersectionality in Permaculture Education | With Suzie Cahn, permaculture educator, Ireland

Edges / Gender/ Race/ Power / Margins / Privilege in permaculture.

We travel through cultural and social constructions, through theoretical, metatheoretical principles and empirical analysis. We travel but we do so “framed” into the politics of location and the politics of identity. This positionality should not only lead us to understand our sources of wisdom, and above all our identities, but also help us locate our own positionality and politics of identity against the proverbial racism, sexism, religious absolutism, homophobia, or classism, to name just a few of the roots of discrimination, oppression, and exploitation in societies, especially capitalist societies.

From: Global Citizenship Education: An Educational Theory of the Common Good? A conversation with Carlos Alberto Torres (2019)