European Permaculture Convergence 2021

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The European Permaculture Convergence (EUPC) has now finished! Check out the calendar to find out what happened during the event.

Don't worry if you missed it though - it's not too late! - you can easily catch up and watch the recordings. Trust us, it's worth it! 

Register to watch the recordings now at:

A donation of minimum 15 Euros is requested for the content. There are 10 curated sessions, each of around 3hrs each, plus 8 'Open Space' Zoom recordings of individual sessions ranging from 30 minutes to 2hrs in length. That's over 40hrs of content accessible.

And find out more about it on the EUPC website, now at:

From Resilient Communities to Youth and Farming with Nature, there's something to suit all levels and interests during this exciting programme. Over the 10 days of the event we heard from many corners of Europe - from Denmark to Portugal, Scotland to Ukraine - demonstrating the incredible diversity in the European permaculture ecosystem.

Information about the programme that happened and other useful information can be found below.

The programme

National, regional and local organisations shared sessions and workshops, as well as pre-recorded tours of permaculture projects.

The full EUPC website with the programme can be found at

The primary working language of the convergence was English, with other options explored to help remove barriers, including some edge events in other European languages.

It's not too late to go see it all at


Just a few of the speakers we have in store for you:

The featured guests and organisations will taking via live interactive broadcasts or via pre-recorded sections included:-

  • Kate Raworth, UK (Doughnut Economics) - Doughnut Economy and the DEAL Platform
  • John D. Liu, China & USA (Ecosystem Restoration Camps)
  • Morag Gamble, Australia (PermaYouth)
  • Stephan Schwarzer, Germany - Regenerative Agriculture, New approaches in Germany and beyond
  • Declan Kennedy, Germany (Co-Founder, European Permaculture Network) - Story of permaculture in Europe
  • Sigi Tatschl, Austria - Edible Communities
  • Luiza Oliviera, Spain - Inclusivity and Decolonization
  • Martin Stengl, Germany - Straw Bale Buildings and Ecovillages
  • Juan Pedro Franco, Spain (La Casa Integral) - Upping food sovereignty in urban areas
  • Looby Macnamara, UK (Cultural Emergence) - Social Permaculture and Cultural Emergence
  • Susannah Hall, UK (Permablitz London) - The Permablitz approach to creating home and community gardens
  • Julia Soler, Leonie Woidt-Wallisser, Ann Doherty - Spain, Germany, Holland (City Plot) - Growing Edible Cities
  • James Atherton, Greece (ReAlliance) - Permaculture response to the refugee crisis
  • Max and Teresa Mai, Austria (WohnWagon) - What needs to change in the construction industry?
  • Lusi Alderslowe, UK (Children in Permaculture)

Find out more about the line-up and schedule on

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Be part of it

So that as many people as possible could attend, we used a ‘donate what you can afford’ structure to this event to reflect the diversity of communities across Europe. Cost was on a sliding scale from €15 to €100 (payments are in Euros rather than GBP) and this remains in place for the recordings.

To put it in perspective, a donation of €30 is the equivalent of just €3 per session! 

This event supports the development of permaculture all across Europe. Funds raised from ogoing sales will be used to help support and grow our European permaculture community so that more people can bring about their own positive change. Donations make this work possible, so we are grateful for whatever you can afford to give. 

Register to access the recordings at

The full EUPC website and programme can be found at as well as further information about the recordings on offer.

Support Us

We are relying on the permaculture community to work with us to help promote this event to the many people across Europe. This is especially true where the permaculture networks are not as strong or are emergent at this time.

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