Projects and LAND Gathering- Re-creating the Commons at Warland Eco-growing

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Warland Eco-growing is an ancient dwelling in the South Pennines, three miles south of Todmorden. They are restoring the land and its community through permaculture techniques to create The School of Sustainable Living, where traditional practices, crafts and art are explored, preserved and passed on. Our community aims to share with visitors the value of practical, traditional and ecologically sound techniques for land care, work, entertainment, cooking and community living.

In this session, founder David Warland will talk about how Warland Ecogrowing is being established as a commons, where long term committed volunteers are given an area of responsibility and will eventually collectively inherit the farm, as he and his wife Monica have no children to pass the farm onto. David is pioneering this into an innovative legal structure, to ensure the long term self sufficiency of the project and to avoid some of the pitfalls of community politics. Long term volunteer and permaculturalist Darren Roberts will share his experience of being a commoner at the farm and will explain his role and responsibilities along with his current permaculture growing activities and future plans at the farm.

There will be an opportunity after the presentation to ask questions, to share your project news and to ask for any support you need from other projects in the network.

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Kath baker
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Wednesday, 26 October, 2022

On Zoom- 6.30-8pm

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