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Welcome to Permaculture Association Events

Welcome to the Permaculture Association (PAB) events portal. Below is a noticeboard showing both our and our members' events listings. PAB produces a range of regular online gatherings and annual in-person events.

Recordings of some of our online events can be viewed via the Crowdcast platform. A full list can be seen on our profile there, which includes links for signing up to view content. Some content is paid. PAB Members receive free access to many of these recordings after the events take place and discounts to the live events.

All Events Dates Tickets: Online / f2f? Nearest town
Diploma Network Monthly Online Gatherings 25/08/2022 Event is online

Projects and LAND Online Gathering- Plants for a Future 31/08/2022 Event is online

UK Permaculture Convergence 2022 08/09/2022 Face to face

Educators Gathering 2022 08/09/2022 Face to face

Build Your Permaculture Place: a dedicated day for changemakers 09/09/2022 Face to face

Paramaethu Cymru Summer Gathering 2022 09/09/2022 Face to face

One day Forest Gardening Master Class on Herbaceous and Ground Cover Layers 12/09/2022 Face to face

Marston, Oxford
Creating and Sharing Project Videos- Project Masterclass 14/09/2022 Event is online

Projects and LAND Online Gathering- Think Like a Tree 28/09/2022 Event is online

Apple Picking and Juicing 29/09/2022 Face to face

Telling Your Project Stories- Project Masterclass 12/10/2022 Event is online

Projects and LAND Gathering- Re-creating the Commons at Warland Eco-growing 26/10/2022 Event is online

Designing an Accessible Therapeutic Garden- Project Masterclass 09/11/2022 Event is online

Projects and LAND Online Gathering- Using Art and Permaculture to Deepen a Connection with the Natural World 30/11/2022 Event is online

Marketing Your Project- Projects Masterclass 14/12/2022 Event is online

Projects and LAND Online gathering- Permaculture and Mental Health 28/12/2022 Event is online

Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Project- Project Masterclass 11/01/2023 Event is online