Project Manager - Devon Woods

Type of job: 
full time
Closing date for applications: 
Tuesday, 1 February, 2022

About the Job: 

The purpose of this role is to manage a team of project officers to influence, support and work with farmers, landowners, partners and land managers within the North Devon Biosphere to implement improved land management projects on their holdings in line with the sustainable development principles of our Biosphere.

Projects range from new woodland planting to sustainable agricultural changes (such as Agroforestry).

The role will support and help farmers move towards Environmental Land Management Scheme (due to be introduced in 2024) and involve developing relationships with the community of farmers, land managers and landowners who wish to practice ‘regenerative’ farming, woodland management and/or ‘wild’ their land sympathetically for wildlife and to access new, diversified and resilient revenue streams as a result (for example Carbon offsets, Biodiversity Net Gains, and natural flood management and water quality improvement).

Advice will also support landowners to access the England Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO). 

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